Sundakai Vathal


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It is bitter in taste. Usually Yoghurt, Tamarind, Salt or Jaggery is used in cooking to reduce the bitterness.

Medicinal Benefits

Turkey Berries are used in Ayurveda and Siddha medicines. It is used to cure liver and kidney disordersnerve conditions and night blindness. It is also used to relieve stomach ailments, as a diuretic, for curing stomach ulcers and to rid intestinal worms. Modern Science has demonstrated the ability of this plant to exhibit anti-oxidantcardiovascularimmunomodulatory and nephroprotective benefits. Sundakkai (Turkey Berries) are also good for bones and teeth. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties too. Studies show that it can stop excessive cell growth and this help protect against lung cancer. It also posses sedativediuertic and digestive properties. The leaves of the the plan have anti-microbial properties, and hence can be applied to cuts and wounds. Sundakki (Turkey Berries) have also been traditionally used to cure diabetes. Studies show that dry Sundakki in powder form improves lipid profile, glycated protiens and amino acids in non-insulin dependent diabetic patients. It is also used in the treatment of hypertension by reducing the high blood pressure. Turkey berries contains saponins, flavonoids, alkanoids and glycosides. This helps regulate menstruation. It also prevents the platelets in blood from sticking together, thus helping to prevent heart attacks. It is a very powerful antioxidant which can prevent cardiovascular diseases and strokes.

Traditional Ways Of Consuming Sundakkai

  • Fry the sundried berries, add asafoetida to it. Eat with rice and clarified butter/yoghurt
  • Roast the berries in butter, ghee or oil and eat them one at a time
  • Powder the sundried berries. Add a tablespoon of this powder + pepper powder to hot cooked rice and mix with some gingelly oil/coconut oil.

Weight 1 Kg

Brand – Karasaka (Tamil Nadu)

(A Unit of Women Enterprises)

Gluten Free


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