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About the Book: Thirukkural Written nearly 2000 years ago by Saint Thiruvalluvar, the Thirukkural is one of the earliest classics in Tamil language. In three parts – Aram, Porul and Inbam, i.e. Virtue, Wealth and Love, this book comprises of 1330 couplets organized in 133 chapters of 10 each. Each couplet is called ‘Kural Venba’ , a form of poetry in Tamil. The couplets are brief in form, but rich in content and have several effective metaphors. Occassional sarcasm and humour add to the beauty of this work.The most admirable attribute of this book is its secular character. Relevant in the present context, the Thirukkural contains valuable tips for rulers, managers, householders, and alike which are practicable in today’s scenario as well.Significantly, this book does not mention the name of any country, king, cast, religion, God, philanthropist or philospoher. Apparently, the Thirukkural has been composed for the humanity at large, not for propogating any religion, not in the praise of any individual.This paperback version is presented to make the book much affordable to the community.


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